Concrete Constructions
Crane lifting on construction site

Marquis' experienced team helps guards against fires and related damage

Concrete Constructions


Marquis Provides an Entire Program Management Solution for You

Marquis Industrial Services is committed to providing customers with everything they’re looking for in a scaffold provider.  We carry a full range of scaffolding products for your commercial, industrial, and special project needs. Our team will partner with you to deliver a safe, customized, cost-effective, and efficient solution safely and according to your critical schedule. Whether it be maintenance, outage, or new construction, Marquis can support your project. 


Solutions for your Maintenance, Outage, and New Construction Needs

Marquis' highly trained and qualified personnel are there to provide for your insulation needs whether its related to your maintenance, turnaround, or capital projects. Let us work with you to maximize the efficiency of your operation and reduce costly shutdowns. We help identify potential problems and take action to help you remedy them. 


Abrasive Blasting & Coatings

Delivering Through Our Highly Trained and Qualified Personnel

Our people at Marquis are a key element of what sets us apart. Through their extensive experience and a robust training commitment by us you can count on them to provide high quality preparation and coatings. Maintenance and protection of assets is the name of the game at Marquis with all of your facility assets including your tanks, vessels, steel structures, and more in protection from damaging corrosion mitigating risk and keep all of us safe. 

Environmental Abatement

Solutions to Keep The Working Environment Safe from Hazards 

Marquis has the experience and background to help you stay in compliance with EPA requirements while meeting OSHA based standards along the way. Our teams handle asbesto, lead, and other hazardous materials. We protect people while efficiently reducing any sort of disruption to operations.   



As longtime fireproofing experts Marquis helps our clients determine the most cost effective way to achieve the required level of protection needed. Whether it be operating units, structural supports, vessels, or any other need Marquis can help you to stay safe and lower you risk of potential dangerous fires and the damage resulting from them. 

   Industrial Siding & Construction

Delivering Construction Solutions Keeping You Operating Safely 

For a number of years Marquis has served as a strong provider of maintenance related construction services for our customers. Whether it be industrial siding or other similar maintenance related needs, our experienced and well trained personnel can help you to keep running safely. Safety is always First at Marquis for everyone on the job.